As the world, and Information Technology in particular, continues to become more complex, IT business owners are expected to also evolve.

IT business owners are frustrated with not having the correct set of tools, industry knowledge or business capabilities available to them in order to effectively manage their own business and, subsequently, their customers adequately.

Technology channels such as print, security and telephony are pushed to evolve into unknown areas of networking, internet and cloud with thousands of resellers asking ‘how can I do this?’

The Tech Project Group represents a ‘best of industry’ solution to delivering an answer to this problem.

Its model allows IT providers to broaden their expertise, expand their capacity, and build subsequent revenues to meet increasing customer demands.

Our system takes on board the experience of its founders to introduce a new wave of innovation in the IT industry. The system will empower existing service providers; lower the barriers of entry for established technology companies that wish to provide IT support services; and unlock unrealised revenue potential amongst established customer bases.

Our Information Memorandum will provide you with our plan for growth into global markets; diverse streams of revenue across multiple industries; and a plan for creating significant shareholder value.


To apply for a copy of our Investor Memorandum please contact or contact Ironside Capital.

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