The Acacia Platform

As a Partner you’ll have access to our Software as a Service platform.

Acacia offers:

  • Automated quotation
  • Order capture & processing
  • Automated provisioning of our Banksia service
  • Rating and billing
  • Customer support & invoicing portal
  • Training resources   

Quote, Deliver, Bill & Communicate

using the Banksia brand or your own

Acacia has been designed specifically to allow our Channel Partners to focus on owning and servicing their customers. Acacia is a white label platform giving you the option to extend your business.



Partner Portal

The Partner Portal enables channels to efficiently engage in business transactions and moves/changes for their customers and in additional sales

Customer Portal

End user customers can access their information and gain visibility of their invoices and service management

The Current Workplace:

Wasting Time and Money

Provisioning a single device requires:

  • Duplicate account systems
  • Unnecessary site visits
  • Abundance of triple handling
  • Multiple data sites. 

The Acacia Workplace

Maximum Speed & Efficiency

Provisioning large volumes of devices offering:

  • Fully automated integration, provisioning and billing
  • Streamlined data flows
  • Single source of truth
  • Multiple authorisation access levels 
good collaboration

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