This Direct business entity is an example of the groups vision, development and product creation of our services in a B2B engagement.

The entity vision is to be a MSP provider that is a one-stop-shop for Information Technology Department as a Service (ITDaaS), trading with Queensland headquartered clients.

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Core Purpose

Our purpose is to Provide IT leadership, management and innovation for Small to Medium Business (SMB). We specialise in bringing Enterprise products and solutions without the burden of the time and investment required.

We help re-focus your businesses investment into your IT budget to deliver services which return better results – not taking shortcuts but delivering the market’s best services at the lowest cost-effective rates.

We pride ourselves on

  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Responsive

Our Result

We continue to provide clients the opportunity to reduce their costs while improving their IT quality and support.

All support calls are taken within minutes and a significant volume of support
matters are dealt with within 15 minutes.