The Tech Project Group was founded in 2012 with the aim of becoming the global leader in enabling Managed Service Providers to grow in the SME market.

Using our experience and some key smarts, the Company has developed a platform called MSPCube that provides resellers of Managed Services with the ability to order and provision their customers’ services ‘in 3 clicks’.

This solution not only saves resellers hours and weeks of planning and preparation, but enables these services to be turned on at a fraction of the cost of their existing supply.

This Direct business entity is an example of the groups vision, development and product creation of our services in a B2B engagement.
The entity vision is to be a MSP provider that is a one-stop-shop for Information Technology Department as a Service (ITDaaS), trading with Queensland headquartered clients.
We deliver service provisioning management for Manufacturers, Distributors and Resellers through our TPIX brand utilising MSPCUBE technology.
MSPCUBE has the capabilities to complete all business functions that an IT provider requires to deliver its services. The web portal provides access to all modules, with the help desk function being delivered as a ‘virtual’ service on behalf of the Resellers.